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June 2011: Barry Crocker receives Neighbours copyrights!
We are very pleased to announce that Barry Crocker’s vocal work on one of Australia’s most iconic TV shows is now paying Barry his just and due performance mechanical copyrights.

Blue Pie’s Damien Reilly worked with Barry to recover the rights and have these all correctly registered and now the royalties are finally flowing to the rightful performer through the help of PPCA .

The song was penned by another Blue Pie artist Mr Tony Hatch. Neighbours is a weekday soap opera exploring the lives and relationships of the residents of Ramsay Street in Erinsborough. Now in its 26th year of production, Neighbours is Australia's most successful television program, not to mention being a hit world-wide. Neighbours has already hit the 6000th episode mark and looks set to continue serving up the laughter, tears and drama that has taken the world by storm. The show is currently produced by Fremantle Media Australia. Reg Watson is the man who created the show.

If you feel that you are entitled to performance mechanical copyright royalties or you need help to make sense out of the copyright maze then please email the Blue Pie License Manager at:
June 2011: Barry Crocker helps the Australian Housing Market!
Barry Crocker helps the Australian housing market to ….ummmm ….. well….he helps keep people in houses. Housos tells the not-so-epic stories of Shazza, Dazza, Franky and Kylie - four best mates from down on the block. Sure, they drink away their problems, they might even have frequent domestics but down on the block it's all for one and one for all.

Follow the adventures of the residents of the Sunnyvale Housing Commission in every-town Australia. They battle cops and they scam Centerlink, they even have the occasional threesome and swingers party, but once your down with the crew in the hood then it's 'Sunnyvale For Life'.
June 2011: Barry Crocker lands a Judgemental role on Behind Mansion Walls.
They say “Money can’t buy you happiness!” Steve Liebmann delves into the real life stories of high society, high stake tales of intrigue.

Through dramatic recreations and powerful interviews Behind Mansion Walls investigates what happens when wealth and vice collide causing family dynasties to implode, where high stake divorce ends in bloodshed and where rich decadence turns to death. Enter a world where secret affairs, hidden bank accounts and false identities are just the tip of the iceberg.

We are very proud to announce that Barry will be appearing as a Judge in the show. Remember to tune in to Foxtel network and view the CI network on Tuesdays at 7.30pm from October 4 until December 27.
June 2011: Barry Crocker stars as lead in 'The Strange Calls'
Barry has a lead role in “The Strange Calls”. The new comedy series is on ABC2, The Strange Calls, which began as a short film by Daley Pearson and Luke Tierney. It features none other than Barry Crocker (Housos, Swift and Shift Couriers, The Adventures of Barry McKenzie) as a night security man for a beachside town where weird things happen after dark. He is joined by Toby Truslove as a local cop. Viewers can also interact live on twitter with Crocker’s character ‘Gregor’ during the broadcast as he responds to the strange calls @thestrangecalls.

The show is about an ordinary Australian town … until the sun goes down. Meet Gregor (Barry Crocker), the town’s wild-eyed gatekeeper who has an encyclopedic knowledge of Coolum and its residents, and a love of vintage board games and 90s TV. His unwitting partner is Constable Toby Banks (Toby Truslove), a recently disgraced city cop, who arrives in town to begin his new role on the night duty desk situated in a derelict old caravan, on the outskirts of Coolum. Banks is a rational sceptic while Gregor is a ‘Believer’. Weird things happen in this slice of paradise and the locals keep calling late into the night. This odd couple set out to investigate ‘the strange calls’, moments of midnight madness that reveal the bizarre truth of the town – a place where mermaids date policemen and a mysterious radio jingle will possess your soul.

In episode one, there’s a break-in at Frequent Fryers Chicken Shop. No money has been taken, only chicken. Banks meets Gregor who has his own theory: it was the work of a Chicken Man. A trail of clues lead them to Nick, who has been eating so much fried chicken that he believes he may be transforming into a chicken. Gregor suggests he’s seen this before. Banks thinks they’re crazy and takes Nick to Sergeant Lloyd (Patrick Brammall) to be arrested for the break-in. While Banks is distracted, Nick mysteriously escapes from his handcuffs, and the only thing left is the feather of a chicken.
June 2011: You Can Never Have Too Much Barry!
It's True! Scientist's have proven that you Can NEVER have too much Barry! Barry Crocker is available in all varieties for you to purchase!

Be sure to get in early to ensure you don't miss out, because a Christmas without Barry does not a Christmas make! 

For more information on Bazza, head to his website at
June 2011: Barry features in The Argues Adopt-A-Pensioner Campaign Commercials!
Check out Barry in the new commercials for The Argues Adopt-A-Pensioner Campaign! Barry was adopted by Sam Pollard!

For more information head to
June 2011: Barry Crocker makes cameo apperance in 'The Jesters'
Barry Crocker made a cameo appearance in the Australian television series The Jesters. He appears in season 2, episode 7 of the series which also stars Mick Malloy!!!

If you missed it on TV the series will be out on DVD September 21st!

For more info on Barry Crocker go to
June 2011: Barry Crocker meets the prime minister for the Adopt-A-Pensioner Campaign
Earlier this week Blue Pie’s Barry Crocker met with Prime Minister Julia Gillard to discuss propositions for the Adopt-A-Pensioner campaign, which he is heavily involved in.

Amongst his propositions, the Adopt-A-Pensioner campaign will now be working with THE ARGUES: THE MOVIE, encouraging Australians to Adopt-A-Pensioner by taking a pensioner to the movie for free!

Large supermarkets including Coles, Woolworths and even Dick Smith have already donated large sums towards the campaign. As a celebrity campaigner, Barry Crocker was featured on Channel 7’s Today Tonight for all his hard work in making things happen for the pensioners of Australia.

After pitching the idea of the ‘take a pensioner to THE ARGUES for free’ campaign to Ms Gillard, she responded: “That is a fantastic idea and a great thing to do. Congratulations!”

So go ahead and Adopt-A-Pensioner to take your pensioner to see THE ARGUES: THE MOVIE for free!

A big thank you to Barry Crocker for his dedicated work with the pensioners.

To read a full news article on the campaign in The Age Newspaper, head to
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