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August 2009 - Katy Manning playing her one woman show 'Me and Jezebel'
Katy Manning ( For all the UK Fans ) will be playing her one woman show ' Me and Jezebel ' at the ' Gilded Ballroom ' Bistro Square in Edinburgh UK. For tickets you can contact the box office on the following number ( If outside the UK remember to drop the 0 ) O13 1651 4200 or you can visit the website at

Check out the website for the show at
August 2009 - Barry's voice over for this Great Cancer Charity
Barry would like to extend a huge note of thanks out to the ' Daffodil Day ' for asking him to be a part of their campaign and commercials. The new TV commercials are on air now. Barry was asked to do the voice over for this great charity in their very important fight against cancer. You can learn more from these fantastic people by visiting their website at
July 2009 - 'Me and Jezebel'
Me and Jezebel - Katy Manning will be in the UK from the 1st of August and will be appearing at the Edinburgh Festival performing who one woman show 'Me and Jezebel'
July 2009 - Skippy - Australia's first Super Star
Watch out for 'Skippy - Australia's first Super Star'. It’s surprising it has taken this long to eventuate, but finally there will be a documentary paying homage to our very own Skippy the Bush Kangaroo.
WA’s Electric Pictures, which created the documentaries The Hunt for HMAS Sydney and Gallipoli’s Submarine, will produce the doco. 'Skippy is an iconic star for many Australians of a certain age,' said executive producer Andrew Ogilvie. 'He was watched by millions of us and many more millions overseas. He was one of the very first characters to make it overseas. It was sold in more than 100 countries.'
Skippy: Australia’s First Superstar will tell the inside story of the television series starring the crime-fighting kangaroo, which hit screens during a time of social revolution. Click here to check out the story

For all my fans out there they may be interested to know that I am
still getting a small piece of gratitude from the show with my song 'Rolling Along' that was in the serries. Amazing after all these years.
July 2009 - Shamani
Shamani - Barry has just completed a 26 episodes for this new cartoon serries. You can check out the previews at this great site. The whole experience was an absolutely amazing experience from start to finish. I now know how the Dream Works stars must feel with all their voice over work. I am very thrilled to be a part of this serries and look forward to many more episodes being produced.
As Barry said in his recent interview 'I was very honoured and thrilled to have been asked to be the voice of ' Shamani ' . The serries will be syndicated world wide.
Watch out for the serries on your favourite cable, TV network and free to air networks around the world.
January 2009 - A moment with Bazza
Did you know Barry Crocker worked with Tom Jones on his very first show in Conneticutt, USA in 1965? Tom is the Welsh legend who is still seen on TV, promoting his latest single, and Barry is the Aussie who has just put out a new album online called ‘Reflections’ and is still the darling of the over 50’s around all the clubs and pubs of Australia. Seems the two lads will still have plenty to talk about.
December 2008 - A Barry Crocker Christmas in Adelaide
The month of December is promising a pre-Christmas treat to all those in and around Adelaide with Barry spending a week entertaining the residents of South Australia. Here is a list of dates and venues so put on your Sunday best and join Barry for a drink, sing-a-long and the very best in entertainment:

* Monday Dec 8th at the Shedley Theatre Elizabeth at 1:30pm
* Tuesday Dec 9th at The Marion Cultural Centre at Marion at 11:00am, then Star Theatres at Hilton at 2:00pm.
* Wednesday Dec 10th at the arts centre Pt Noarlunga, at Port Noarlunga at 11:00am and 2:00pm (2 shows same venue so no-one misses out!)
* Thursday Dec 11th at the Golden Grove arts Centre at 2:00pm and then a brief reception (drinks) after the show TBA
* Friday Dec 12th at The Parks Community Centre at Angle Vale at 11:00am
* Saturday Dec 13th at STARplex Theatre at Gawler 8:00pm (evening show)

For more details click here
November 2008 - Hollywood it aint!
Barry is currently touring around Australia promotiong the documentary 'Not Quite Hollywood' an indepth look at the Australian Film Industry and OZploitation! There are some of Barry's classic moments along side some of other Aussie classic moments. Recent appearances have been in Sydney, Nambucca Heads & Broken Hill. Look out for Barry in your local listings soon and for miore information click on to
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