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October 2005: “ME & JEZEBEL”
Barry will be directing his partner “Katy Manning” in the off Broadway smash hit play, ME & JEZEBEL, at the STAGE DOOR dinner Theatre in BRISBANE, commencing on February 2nd. Click here for flier!

Barry Crocker in CABARET, with a live band & guest “ELIZABETH LORD”

    Bookings 07 5532 1155 7.30PM
    Bookings 07 3858 9000 7.30 PM
    Bookings 02 6686 2544 7.30 pm
    Bookings 02 6652 3888 7.30 pm
    Bookings 07 3208 8122
October 2005: Returns of Barry Crocker
Barry Returns to Brisbane in April at the LYRIC theatre, QPAQ, and Melbourne at the 'HER MAJESTY'S THEATRE' in June, reprising his role of "LAZER WOLF", along side the great "TOPOL" in the return of the magnificent "Fiddler On The Roof"
October 2005: The Mockumentary comedy Film “RAZZLE DAZZLE”
The Mockumentary comedy Film “RAZZLE DAZZLE” will be released later this year. It’s a magnificently funny romp through the Dancing schools, and “very serious” dance competitions that these days permeate the Australian psyche . The cast is wonderful, headed by Englands BEN MILLER; amongst the aussie cast – KERRY ARMSTRONG - NADINE GARNER – DENISE ROBERTS - TARA MORICE - TONI LAMOND – NOELENE BROWN - PAUL MERCURIO. Barry Crocker plays the “eccentric”& over the top “DONNIE DESTRY”, compere of the final & grand final dance competitions in this newwave AUSSIE FLICK.
October 2005: Barry McKenzie screening and Book Launch
We are pleased to announce that Tony Moore has launched a new book about the Barry McKenzie movies. It will make for a great read. You can book in to see "The Adventures Barry McKenzie" that will be shown after the book launch.

Click here to view the Flyer about the launch
August 2005: Eureka CONGRATULATIONSh
Amanda Muggleton, won Best supporting actress in a musical for Eureka CONGRATULATIONS from all the team and Barry !!!
June 2005: Banjo Paterson - Barry Meets Banjo
Click here for all the live dates and to read more about the greatest Australian Poet to have ever lived.
June 2005: Graeme Blundell
pays tribute to a great Australian entertainer with more than 50 years in show business. Read his review on "Bazza: The Adventures of Barry Crocker" (PDF)
June 2005: CONGRATULATIONS time again !
EUREKA was nominated for BEST MUSICAL, and Amanda Muggleton for BEST FEMALE ACTOR in a SUPPORTING ROLE IN A MUSICAL, at last night's HELPMANN Awards nominations, which I attended. Amongst congratulations from many others, Mitchell Butel, himself a nominee for “The Venetian Twins”, congratulated us on being the only Australian musical nominated, which made me all the more proud of our achievement.

Congratulations to all our wonderful Cast, Creative Team, Crew, Musicians and Management on the BEST MUSICAL nomination – we all share in that, and especially to Amanda for her well-deserved Best Female Actor nomination.

So, with our 6 GREEN ROOM AWARD nominations announced last month, that makes 8 nominations in our Theatre Awards – well done everyone!

Cheers – and love to all.

Michael Harvey
June 2005: 6 Green Room Award Nominations for EUREKA
I am pleased to announce that EUREKA has received 6 Green Room Award Nominations for this year's awards night . Special congratulations are due to our very worthy and talented nominees: Peter England, Trudy Dalgleish, Michael Tyack, Tony Bartuccio, Ian Stenlake and MOI.

Congratulations to all the Cast, Musicians, Crew, Creative Team, and Her Majesty's Theatre management and staff, for your wonderful work on, and support of, EUREKA. It was a special time for all. I am very proud of this piece. Congratulations also to Queenie Van der Zandt, (our 'Anastasia'), for her nomination for Full Monty. For more information go to

I would also like to thank the incredible Michael Harvey for his never ending work. Thanks to every one from all of us at the website.
June 2005: Foundation Diane
I am pleased to announce that I will be appearing at the Gala launch of the new Foundation Diane at the Sydney Hilton on Wednesday the 10th of August.

This is a great organisation and there will be a star studded guest list. Tickets are available but you will have to be quick. Click on the attached invitation for all the details. I look forward to seeing you there.

Download Invitation
June 2005: Tony Moore
Tony Moore will be releasing a book on the the Barry McKenzie films of the 1970s. Keep your ears and eyes open. We will be doing some feature spots on the site about the book when it is released in November. I feel deeply honoured to have some one write about the adventures of Barry McKenzie. I am sure this will be a great read.

Tony Moore is Commissioning Editor of Pluto Press and is completing a doctorate about Australian bohemian artists at the University of Sydney. He was as a program maker at ABC Television from 1988 to 1997, specialising in documentaries and current affairs. Programs on which Tony worked include Four Corners, Foreign Correspondent, Time Frame and the documentaries Nobody's Children and So Help Me God. Tony wrote and directed the feature length arts documentary, Bohemian Rhapsody - Rebels of Australian Culture, and writes regularly about cultural and political issues and Australian history in the broadsheet press and scholarly journals. He is currently writing a book on the Barry McKenzie films of the 1970s and has a column on the Arts Hub web site. Tony was a member of the ABC National Advisory Council between 1986 and 1988, a co-editor of Strewth! humour magazine, and is currently on the Executive committees of the Australian Fabian Society and the Evatt Foundation.

June 2005: The Moon Beams Project
I am pleased to let you all in on a little secret. I have got a great new record coming out with Blue Pie and it is called "Moon Beams shine a little light on me ".I have hooked up with the incredible Dino Jag and this one is sure to be a delight for all of you to hear.Keep tuned and listening to your favourite station. We will update you as soon as we have this one released. We are hoping to get this all on the airwaves in the next month or so.
June 2005: The Moon Beams Project with Damien & Dino
The project was started by myself and Damien from Blue Pie. After a few meetings we found a some of the work that I did in the 70's and while we were going through some of the records at my place we made a call to Dino and got him onto the case and he locked down on the MOON BEAMS track. Dino has a real gift for mixing and is one talented singer | songwriter.

Dino got to work on the track and after a couple of weeks came back with some demo ideas. Dino , Damien and I worked on the mix a little more and I got to re do my vocals at Hardwick's studios at Crowsnest.
June 2005: The Moon Beams Project with Damien & Dino
The thing that is so special about this song is that we have some of the worlds best playing on the original sessions. There is a really cool story about the original sessions which I will fill you all in later in the next newsletter. Lets take a time warp some 28 Years to today. and Dino Jag works this into a super track with new vocals by Dino and myself.

The original song "Moonbeams" was composed by Jay Graydon and Harry Garfield and Myself The track mix is produced by Dino Jag and Damien Reilly from Blue Pie.

  • Main Vocals - Barry Crocker - new sessions today +  ( Original sessions in 1978 )
  • Backing Vocals and harmonies  - Dino Jag 
  • Guitar - Jay Graydon ( Original sessions in 1978 )
  • Drum Programming - Dino Jag
  • Key Boards - Dino Jag  & Greg Mathison on the original sessions.
  • Bass - David Parlato
  • Drums - Willie Arnelis
  • Percussion - Steve Forman
  • Programming - Dino Jag
  • Arrangements - Dino Jag
  • Production - Dino Jag and Damien Reilly
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